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Why choose mohair?

  • Feb 27, 2018
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Why choose mohair?

People who already have tried wearing mohair sweaters or other items made from mohair ,already have an idea about mohair qualities. Everyone might have different reasons to like or dislike mohair items and I will give you mine.
It was more than 20 years ago when I first got acquainted with mohair. At the time there was a rush for extremely fuzzy mohair cardigans in my country.It was a must to own one. Along with the yarn, mohair sellers provided instructions how to store the ready product in the refrigerator in order to raise the fiber at freezing temperature. The material didn`t need any additional treatment as it was really very fuzzy, but prescription is prescription and we all did it :)
Later, when we started knitting, mohair proved to be one of the most preferred materials because of its softness and flexibility. We could knit anything from mohair and it looked beautiful.
Mohair is lightweight, yet warm; it is a very good insulator too and I can say that from my 10-year experience modeling the thick sweaters at mid-summer temperatures.
It is a myth that mohair shouldn`t be machine washed. Actually only brushed items should never be machine washed. Of course when talking about machine wash I always mean a gentle cycle for knitted wool items.

Along with the pros I need to mention one basic con as well in order one to be thoroughly informed what to expect. How do you feel about tickling? With mohair items it is inevitable to get some tickling when wearing a mohair sweater over underwear. But! If you try a sweater on a naked body you will see the difference – the touch is luxuriously soft and silky.
And we are talking about mohair, not angora. There is a difference that I will discuss in a different article.
Comments: 1
Rich 08-03-2018 09:44
This is an awesome article! I for one am so glad you started making these fabulous sweaters. They are so much part of our lives, they are the BEST!!!! It is very hard to find mohair sweaters in the USA that are new not to mention Icelandic styles. Seems as if no one makes them any more!! I have so much thanks for ebay, Etsy and facebook for introducing us to you! Without them we would have never met and I could never call you my friend, which I will value til the end of Time!! Can't wait to see more blogs :) Cheers to you all there Especially Milena :)
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