We are a small company in Eastern Europe that has been creating hand knitted items for more than 30 years already.
It all started somewhere in the 90-ties with a small yarns shop in town. Enthusiasts gathered and we decided to start offering hand crafted items.
Years passed… We gained popularity, experience and confidence and started offering our products online – firstly on eBay, later on Etsy as well. Plenty of happy customers all over the world made us think we are ready to launch this project too.
Some of the items are ready to send, others are knitted to order.
We keep offering new sweaters regularly.
Please remember that each sweater you see can be knitted in a different colour on request.
There is an option to order your own design too – we only need a sketch or a picture and your measurements.
To check independent reviews on our work,please visit the link   https://dukyana.com/we_are_featured

For more questions concerning our work, please feel free to mail us through the contact form at the bottom of each page.Please,be patient - we need time for knitting too and response to your questions might take some time :)