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Pricing and discounts

  • Jul 14, 2018
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At times we receive requests and inquiries about discounts, especially for multiple purchases. Customers expect us to make a discount influenced by the contemporary way of thinking, imposed on us by the big brands in fashion – huge prices followed by huge discounts.
We are “dinosaurs” and stick to simpler rules – we don`t over-price items, so we don`t do discounts.
It isn`t normal to expect a machine manufactured item to cost more than a handcrafted one, so please respect our labour and craftsmanship.
Few people have ever created things with their hands and usually these people know the price of time involved in that creation and the constant need of perfecting one`s skills. We are good. We are all highly experienced knitters, I can even say “experts” in what we do. We use materials of highest quality too.
The below borrowed video explains how the pricing of a hand knitted sweater works.If we knew whom to give credit to for it, we`d happily do.
Comments: 1
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